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Alright, time to show off what will be available at Anime Boston. I won't be there myself, but you can buy my stuff at Table 94 alongside Orin Drake's Shiny Things.

Tezca, the Rainbow Chocobo, who will be part of a silent auction with Orin's Francisco.

More coasters! I have my first ever done on black cloth (and expect me not to make too many more. Black is a very unforgiving fabric). Mario was thrown in because well... I like that sprite.

Brand new Mini-stitches! Oh so tiny, oh so cute with color variation thread. Perfect to hang on your review mirror or in your cubicle.

And of course the Pokebib! I really hope these go over well... maybe some of the excitement over Heart Gold and Soul Silver will help me.

Also, this is the official first post of my craft blog over at DreamWidth. Feel free to subscribe to me if you're over there. (And if you want to be at DW I do have an invite code for anyone who wants it...)

Edit: Oh and Crafted with Zeal has gotten its first face-lift in a long time. Hooray for new content!


Welcome to the crafting blog of Schala-Kitty, an extension of my website Crafted with Zeal. This is just a showcase for different craft projects I undertake, especially my custom coasters. Feel free to get my feed or subscribe if you're also a Dreamwidth member.

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