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2010-04-14 01:11 pm
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Scented Materia for Sale

Selling off what I had left-over from Anime Boston up on Etsy. I have eight variations of fragrance stones available, each one based on a different materia. Check them out if you have a moment - they are a really unique fan creation.

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2009-06-02 01:20 pm
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Shiny Shaymin bib

What's better than a Legendary Pokemon? A shiny Legendary Pokemon!

Come to Flower Paradise )

New bibs will be slower in being released as I now I have another project I'm working on. But Jirachi and Celebi are in the works, rest assured.
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2009-05-29 09:36 pm
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Mew bib!

Take a look under the cut -

Oh so cute, oh so elusive )

Next up will by a Shiny version of Shaymin. Perhaps after that, I'll do Jirachi.
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2009-05-28 09:23 pm
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Featured on Craft Gossip!

Okay, one feature was cool, but two is just awesome! I got a feature on Craft Gossip's Needlework blog. The bib is going viral!
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2009-05-28 04:25 pm
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Featured on Sprite Stitch!

My Pokebib was featured on Sprite Stitch! Eeee, I'm so happy to have it recognized. I'm working on a new one right now. Pics will be up soon.
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2009-05-20 07:40 pm

Ready for Anime Boston!

Alright, time to show off what will be available at Anime Boston. I won't be there myself, but you can buy my stuff at Table 94 alongside Orin Drake's Shiny Things.

Everything is under the cut! )

Also, this is the official first post of my craft blog over at DreamWidth. Feel free to subscribe to me if you're over there. (And if you want to be at DW I do have an invite code for anyone who wants it...)

Edit: Oh and Crafted with Zeal has gotten its first face-lift in a long time. Hooray for new content!